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Wholesale Commercial Vacuum Cleaner & Other Cleaner Comparison


(1) Do you need to buy a wholesale vacuum cleaner without any cleaning type appliances?

A. Applicable group of vacuum cleaners

1. "Of ash layer" family (of course, not all 9-11 floors are the gray layer, related to many factors), as long as the window ventilation, the dust in the room has changed, and a new wind system will be installed. Cleaning every day, I hope to get the whole room in the whole room.

2. There are many families in fabric furniture. Some fabric furniture cannot be disassembled, and it is very troublesome to clean up. It is necessary to use a vacuum cleaner.

3. Family in pets: Mao children jumped up, home is its hair everywhere, and the roll brush rolls to the collapse.

4. I like yourself to clean the room and want to clean the room in elegance.

5. His family, clean up the bed, dead angle, and sofa, etc.

6. There are children's families, children like to climb in the ground, and ask the floor to clean.

7. Like high-efficiency families, the vacuum cleaner is much more efficient than the handle.

8. Parents do clean families, vacuum cleaners save time, protect their parents' lumbar, cervical vertebra.

B. The function of vacuum cleaner

In addition to cleaning the ground, it is also possible to clean the sofa, wardrobe, bed, wall and other positions, and dust removal for household computers, use special brushheads, but also remove mites. Used in one machine, high usage, and the above-mentioned families need to purchase.

Conclusion: No cleaning appliances have not been purchased, but there is a need for cleaning, and the family who wants to save time and effort is suitable for purchase.

(2) Is it necessary to buy a vacuum cleaner?

The positioning of the sweeping robot and the vacuum cleaner is different:

Sweeping robot main intelligence. At present, many sweeping robots are sweeping the machine, can be self-cleaning, automatic return, labor intervention time, liberate hands, but only clean the ground, the corner of the corner is not in place, and it is necessary to manually clean up.

If you still want to clean up the sofa, the mattress can purchase portable handheld vacuum cleaner, you can consider the vertical vacuum cleaner of CLEVA.

(3) Do you need to buy a vacuumer in the buyer?

The removal is actually a vacuum cleaner. Deminger function: Through strong suction, the food source of dust mites (human and animal dandruff, hair) and dust mites, ST, etc., reduce allergies. Relevant laboratory experiments found that there is no difference in impurities such as hair, cotton (adsorbed by mites) and normal vacuum cleaners.

Vacuum cleaner function: Some vacuum cleaners claim to be removed, but because the mites are small, the ordinary vacuum cleaner can take off the surface of the object, but the filter cannot be filtered, and the mites that are sucked in will also be sprayed. Instead, the aphid is spread indoors.

Conclusion: If there is only a demand for Blade, do not want the ground cleaning needs (you can sweep the robot), then you don't have to buy a vacuumer.

(4) Do you need to buy a vacuum cleaner in the steam mop?

The function of the steam mop: water heating, generates pressure and high temperature through the internal heating device, and does not need to add a cleaner to disinfect the sterilization by high temperature and high pressure steam. Remove oil, ground cleaning, hood, cooker, sofa, car interior, car engine cleaning.

If you want to use a steam mop, you must have less groundous garbage. If the ground has a housing, there are a lot of hair, and there are a lot of small particles, or you need to clean again.

The vacuum cleaner is cleaned, and people need to operate, people will be tired. However, in addition to the ground, it can also clean a lot, can manually determine whether cleanliness is clean, and the degree of cleaning can be guaranteed.

Conclusion: If you buy a sweeping robot, I feel that the interval is cleaned up for a while, it is very convenient, so you don't have to buy a vacuum cleaner.

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