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What Are The Three Advantags Of Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner?


Many home vacuum cleaners used by households are hand-held or horizontal, and many people use wet dry vacuum cleaner. There are many advantages of dry and wet two vacuum cleaners that not only can moisturize garbage, but also practical use. Next Cleva will introduce the advantages of wet dry vacuum cleaners, learn about it!

1. Today's home wet dry vacuum cleaner can be used to use both or wet, and the traditional dry vacuum cleaner is filtered, the integrated bag cannot be dipped, so it is necessary to avoid water inhalation. However, the dry wet dual cleaner is both capable of dust, or absorbing water, even being called a vacuum suction machine.

2, large capacity, long-lasting durable dry and wet two vacuum cleaners have beautiful circular buckets, capacity is also very large, built-in motor, absorbing dust, the effect is very good. The dry and wet two vacuum cleaners are also equipped with high-profile accessories, which is very convenient, and persistent.

3, Wet dry vacuum cleaners are still two different drainage methods, we can choose, adjust, and operate in flexibility. The design allows the motor to maintain a constant temperature during use, allowing the motor's service life to increase by more than 3 times, and the machine can reach 24 hours.

The above is the advantage of the wet dry vacuum cleaner that Cleva would like to share with you, hope it can help you.

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