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What Are The Application Of Best Industrial Vacuum Cleaner?


Industrial vacuum cleaner has three-phase electricity, single phase electricity, battery three types of DC voltage, industrial commercial universal battery vacuum cleaner has 24V, 36V, 48V, usually commercial vacuum cleaner for use with DC voltage of 220V and battery, three-phase electricity There is basically no in the commercial space, the three-phase electric vacuum cleaner is basically used in the industrial workshop. Industrial vacuum cleaners are driven to gas booster and gasoline or diesel drive in addition to the power supply.

Locations, hotels, supermarkets, construction sites, warehouses and other places will be used in industrial vacuum cleaners. It is generally dry and wet using vacuum cleaners. It can vacuum, water absorption, and of course oil is also a liquid.

Industrial vacuum cleaner can absorb the key to the filter of the filter, such as the shoulder vacuum cleaner and the filter of the textile vacuum cleaner in the dust barrel, the water absorber will enter the motor through the filter, the motor will instantly burn it, so Used to absorb water. Most filters are all over the dust barrel, which can avoid water into the motor. When the vacuum cleaner is filled, the phenomenon of sound or suction weakens, this time it is necessary to stop clean.

Laser processing process is divided into laser marking, laser punching, laser engraving, laser cutting, laser welding, heat treatment, coating, etc. The workshop sanitary environment will also affect the laser head. Therefore, for the smoke, particulate matter treatment of the laser processing process should be treated in time, CLEVA can be tailored to the industrial vacuum cleaner for laser processing, industrial dust collectors, can provide you with laser processing soot and waste purification.

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