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What Are The Advantages Of Automatic Sweeping Robot?


1.Sweep the floor and vacuum clean, and the hair debris and dust are handled satisfactorily

We conducted a small experiment. We used the strongest gear to suck the house for a round, and then mopped it again with a mop. After washing the mop, the water was still very clean, indicating that the vacuuming effect of the automatic sweeping robot was very satisfactory.

2. Easily clean the dead corners of the bed

Except for some particularly low bed bottoms that cannot be accessed, the place where the robot can enter can make the bed bottom almost "spotless." Most brands of automatic sweeping robots have side brushes, so the dust on the corners can be cleaned.

3. Sufficient power, large cleaning area, automatic return

Estimated in actual use, it is not a problem to clean 150 square meters of space when fully charged.

4. It has strong ability to drill joints and escape difficulties, and can automatically detect the space planning route.

The automatic sweeping robot will detect obstacles on the wall, first walk around the periphery, and then clean inside. The machine has a pretty good ability to run in various gaps. As long as the space is slightly larger than the volume of the robot, it can be cleaned and then come out. The first sweep will generate a map, and the sweeping robot will be smarter the next time it sweeps. The models with LDS laser navigation will be more intelligent than ordinary ones, and the route of detection, planning and cleaning will be more accurate.

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