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Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaner Are Important In Industrial Vacuum


The industrial vacuum cleaner is divided into many types, of which industrial vacuum cleaners are also divided into wet and dry vacuum cleaner and ordinary vacuum cleaners. Among them, the wet and dry vacuum cleaner are also known as the vacuum suction machine.

The working principle of general industrial vacuum cleaner works by multi-stage high pressure hamper, voter fan, vortex gas pump and other devices such as vacuum, so that its negative pressure rises rapidly. High and negative pressure allows air and dust media to flow into the bucket inside through the venting exhaust, by vacuuming and cleaning tube, flowing air carrying solid particles that need to collect and treat into the barrel. The filter bag is in contact with the vent, the solid is attached to the inner surface of the filter bag, and the initially filtered air passes through the slit of the filter bag, and then the air is discharged by the secondary filtration of the filter. The filtered air enters the exhaust tract through the exhaust port of the fan, and finally the interior of the shop.

The working principle of wet and dry vacuum cleaner and the difference between the ordinary vacuum cleaner is a centrifuge room. When dust, air, water is sucked into the centrifugal chamber, the weight of the weight is rotated at a high speed, and an inner wall of the centrifugal chamber flows into the bottom water drum. After the lighter dust and air pass through the centrifuge, it enters the filter bag to filter dust.

Industrial vacuum cleaners are mainly separated from solid and air by filter media. The common industrial vacuum cleaner in the market typically has a heavy filtering or double filtering, such as wet and dry vacuum cleaner for filter filtration, dry type is dual filtration system through the filter element and filter bag.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaner and named vacuum suction machine, as the name suggests, wet and dry vacuum combined with both vacuum cleaning and water absorption. Ordinary vacuum cleaners typically only absorb less water-free dielectric, and oil, water, etc. produced during the absorbable processing of dry and wet and dry vacuum.

At present, the wet and dry vacuum cleaner are generally widely used in various industries, such as trade, cleaning companies, car dealers, hotels, wastes, factories, restaurant, property management, office buildings, theater, concert hall, theater, hospital, nursing, gymnasium , Stadium and other industries; heavy industry, workshops, wood processing plants, doors and windows processing plants, cleaning companies, and wood flooring can be applied.

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