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The Pros And Cons Of Automatic Home Sweeping Robot


In recent years, the sweeping robots are popular with amazing speed, and the market is developing very rapidly. In the early stage of development, the sweeping robots mainly improved sweeping performance. At this stage, the sweeping robot is guaranteed to provide better cleaning effect, turn to the development direction of intelligent core technology such as multi-sensor integration, navigation, path planning, today, this article is specifically described by Cleva to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the automatic sweeping robot performance. 

Sweeping function

Advantages: Like the sofa, the area is not easy to clean under the bed, it is easy to clean, it can easily clean the hair, dust and other garbage.

Disadvantages: Early automatic sweeping robots are working in the furniture-intensive space, or they are alone between the table and dining chairs, or when they are fascinated by the table, don't turn out for ten minutes. Now some automatic sweeping robots have applied advanced technologies to sweeping function, achieving smart tipping of sweeping robots, intelligent monitoring around the surrounding environment, achieving better cleaning effects.

Cleaning function

Advantages: The cleaning effect of thin floating dust on the floor is better, and the home sweeping robot can easily clean up for garbage and smaller diaphragm.

Disadvantages: If the thicker dust layer effect is not satisfactory, there is also a large sheet of paper, and the robot is snapped in the channel to collect garbage, and must be cleared.

Avoid obstacles function

Advantages: Do not use manual operation, automatic avoidance of obstacles, can easily avoid large obstacles such as walls, furniture, basically no collision.

Disadvantages: Automatic sweeping robot  in the market, the smaller obstacles such as table legs, furniture legs, mineral water bottles, etc., are still more likely to hit, and cannot avoid the power cord in the living room.

The home sweeping robot market is in the continuous development of growth. In order to continuously improve the user experience and fit the practical function, the home automatic sweeping robot will evolve and improve, and performance will continue to improve.

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