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The Maintenance Procedures Of Lawn Grass Cutting Machine


In urban life, we can see green plants on both sides of the road, and bright flowers, and the vigorous flowers are a certain reason, they need to rely on our garden master to give them careful care. In their work, the tools that are often used are lawn cutting machine. Today, I will tell you about the maintenance procedures of the lawn cutting machine.

First, the maintenance of the blade

1, regularly check the connection of the blade and the connecting sleeve, and use it in use when the blade hits other objects.

2, when grinding the blade, the original angle and direction of the blade should be followed, and should ensure that the blade mills are equal, and the blade is static.

3. Before reinstalling the blade, it should be applied to the crankshaft end and the inner hole surface of the crankshaft, and the central screw bolt and the crank screw should be applied to prevent rust in the future, which cannot be disassembled.

4. If it is not used for a long time, the surface of the blade should be cleaned and coated with lubricating oil to prevent rust.

Second, the maintenance of the cab case

The interior of the casing must be cleaned upon each time it is used, preventing the crushed grass, leaves, sludge or other debris to attach its heart, and produce rust.

Third, the maintenance of lawn cutting machine

Strictly in accordance with the requirements of lawn cutting machine oil operator, maintenance and maintenance instructions, and pay attention to the following points:

1. Under normal circumstances, the air filter should be cleaned once a day. When used in a very dirty environment, you will need to clean once every few hours.

2, the spark plug is cleaned after each seasoning season. Re-adjust the gap of the spark plug .

3, the outer surface of the mower of the lawn cutting machine should be wiped with cloth or brush to ensure the ventilation of the cleaning.

4, the rotation of the walking clutch rod should be dropped with a lubricating oil to prevent rust.

5. The front and rear rollers should at least lubricate the light oil oil once.

6, the transmission part of the walking section should be cleaned after two years, and the grease is replaced.

7, the protective cover should be removed every day to prevent the engine from being damaged due to overheating or speed.

8, when the long-term is not used, the gasoline should be released to avoid gasoline deterioration, blocking the chemical oil.

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