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The Introduction & Use Tips Of Commercial Grass Lawn Mower


The herbzer is also known as the grass lawn mower, shearing machine, lawn repairing machine, etc. is a mechanical tool for trimming lawn, vegetation, etc., which is controlled by a knife, engine, walking wheel, walking mechanism, blade, handrail, control Partial composition. Develop agricultural mechanization, improve work efficiency, improve agricultural production efficiency, and it is extremely important in such an agricultural major. The mower has an important role in agricultural production, and the production of crops is most directly affected. Its invention is a major progress in human civilization. In countries where the animal husbandry is highly developed, the research of new mowers is developing towards high speed and energy saving.

During the traditional agricultural production process, weeding is a major task of field management, and the cultivation management measures for weeds are removed, and there are ways to turn farming, medium plowing, and hand pull. Although the emergence of herbicides solves some of the herbiciasis, Zhongcong is still a necessary measures for field management, because the main purpose of China has many effects in addition to weeding. For example, it can loosen soil, increase soil ventilation, improve termination, promote good gas microbial activity and nutrient effectiveness, and promote root stretch, regulate soil moisture.

Traditional cultivated many cultivated methods, although high precision, low work efficiency, so some small mowers have helped farmers to reduce the labor burden of China, and should pay attention to some of the following techniques in the process of grass lawn mowers. Better improve work efficiency and extend the life of agricultural machinery.

Before weeding:

Before weeding, the weeding area should be removed to avoid damaging the hooded head and blades. In the case of the cold machine, start the engine, should close the door first, and open the damper in time. If the grass is too large, the mower is preferably not more than 4 hours.

After weeding:

The mower should be fully cleaned, especially to carefully clean the debris on the heat sink, and the grazing shavings are attached to the heat sink, affecting its heat dissipation, and cause pulp phenomena, damage the engine. Check that the blade has no defects, the screw is tight, whether it is required to repair whether the accessories need to be repaired, so that the agricultural machinery life will be extended.

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