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The Differences Between Top Vacuum Cleaner And Ordinary One For Home


1, Battery difference

Although all lithium batteries applied from low-to-high-end vacuum cleaner, they can also have a big difference from actual models. Most cheap vacuum cleaners are used in 18650 lithium batteries, although the characteristics are good, the cylindrical type is relatively large, and it is very easy to use indoor space, which is very easy to cause the indoor space and net weight. The high grade top vacuum cleaner is more excellent in high polymer power-based lithium batteries. In the life, it is more stable for a larger current and high energy driving force than the 18650 battery of the lithium battery.

2, Motor difference

Ordinary vacuum cleaners generally adopt a brush motor, and the high-grade top vacuum cleaner uses a brushless motor. Brushless motor has a longer life, more performance is more prominent. Ability to reduce standby time from seconds to MS level, maximize ensuring that the motor can be turned off, and the cleaning is not easy to lose.

3, Different parts

The daily application of the vacuum cleaner is often indispensable. Like a different ground, it is necessary to apply different scenes, in a variety of scenarios, only with the appropriate accessories, the vacuum cleaner can achieve the best application effect. Like the gap suction, the tip tip, the brush tip, and even the mop, has become a standard accessory of the vacuum cleaner, but according to the difference, the quality of this accessory also has a huge difference. 

Therefore, when we have to choose a vacuum cleaner, we must ignore quality experiences because of prices, and these key points can be given to give you a value for money. Cleva's high grade top  vacuum cleaner can meet your requirements, and interested friends can understand.

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