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The Differences Between Commercial & Household Vacuum Cleaner


The vacuum cleaner is a kind of dust removal equipment. Nowadays, more companies, hotels and families have used a vacuum cleaner, saying that the vacuum cleaner may subconsciously think that it is the same, in fact, the vacuum cleaner in different uses is different. Below you will answer the differences of commercial vacuum cleaner and household vacuum cleaner:

First, vacuum cleaner material aspects:

1. The power part of commercial and household vacuum cleaners is a 220V civil voltage.

2. Commercial and household vacuum cleaner is characterized by using plastic housings and racks, relatively light.

Second, vacuum cleaner design: 

(Structure) Vacuum cleaner includes: bracket and fitting part, tube part, filter section

1. Scaffolds and accessories: And there can be a variety of different configuration combinations to adapt to different process requirements.

2. Dust bag Capacity section: Commercial vacuum cleaner dust bags are generally larger than home vacuum cleaner, and the cost of dust collectors of the household vacuum cleaner is relatively less than the commercial vacuum cleaner.

3. Filtering section: Commercial and household vacuum cleaners are basically based on woven dust bags, like some brands of vacuum cleaners, using paper dust bags or dust cups, form storage garbage, easy to cause secondary pollution. With the development of modern technology, Danish's advanced uses industrial vacuum cleaner filtration systems to commercial and household vacuum cleaners, enhances the vacuum cleaning filter effect of the vacuum cleaner, and avoids secondary pollution.

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