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The Characteristics Of Professional Lawn Mower Equipment


The lawn mower equipment are closely related to our lives, and the emergence of mowers greatly increases people's weeding efficiency. So will you use a lawn mower equipment correctly? Do you know the characteristics of the lawn mower? Today, Cleva will come to you.

Lawn mower equipment characteristics

1, high efficacy: 

Generally per mower, can mower 8 × 667 square meters per day, and its effect is quite artificial weeding 16 times.

2, good benefits: 

Due to the fast rotation of the lawn mower equipment, the cutting effect of the weeds of the orchard is better, and the cutting effect of weeds with high tenderness is better. Generally weeding 3 times a year, it can basically reach the weeding requirements.

3, keep the soil: 

artificial use of hoes, due to the loose soil, it will often cause a certain soil loss, in the ladder, the resulting soil lost will be more serious. Using a lawn mower to weed, because only the upper part of the weed is cut down, there is little effect on the surface of the soil, plus the sorghum effects of grassroots, and is advantageous for maintaining soil.

4, increase fertility: 

weeding with a lawn mower, to be taken after weeds to a certain height. A large number of weeds can be covered with orchard, and the organic fertilizer of the orchard can increase soil fertility. Scope of use: Suitable for plains, hills, terraces, orchards, triangles such as reeds, alfalfa, fish grass, etc., simple operation, high work efficiency.

The use of the use of lawn mower equipment: 

Use a lawn mower to weed, and the effect is better in weeds to 10-13 cm. If the weed length is too high, it should be carried out in two steps, first cut the upper part, and then cut the lower part. When using a lawn mower, it should be supported both hands, and maintain a certain inclination on the side of the fruit tree, so that weed weed as far as possible to the fruit tree. Open the medium-speed throttle, move forward, saving fuel consumption and improved efficacy. Cleva lawn mower equipment have high cost performance, easy to use and durable.

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