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Structure And Classification Of Wholesale Vac Vacuum Cleaner


Have you heard of vac vacuum cleaner? Know the principle of vac vacuum cleaner? Today, Cleva explains you.

Principle of vac vacuum cleaner

The main component of the modern vacuum cleaner vacuum pump, dust bag, hose and various shapes of mouth pipes. There is an electric exhaust fan inside the machine, and the high-speed operation is powered, and instant vacuum is formed inside the vacuum cleaner. The internal air pressure is much lower than the external air pressure, under this gas pressure difference, dust and dirty things enter the dust collector barrel with the airflow, and then the dust bag is filtered, dust is left in the dust bag. The purified air is re-entered indoors through the electric motor, and the effect of cooling the motor is purified.

Structure of vacuum cleaner

1.All vacuum cleaners are equipped with a packaging head for cleaning the floor and carpet, which is also equipped with a series of cleaning brushes and nozzles to clean the corner, curtains, sofa and gap.

2. throat: All suction vacuum cleaners are equipped with hard-throat, used to connect cleaning and attachments and accessories.

3. electric brush: clean head of the inner vacuum cleaner, is a particularly accessory of the hybrid vacuum cleaner.

4.round brush head: 360 degree swivel, convenient cleaning furniture, fine menu, etc.

5.flat tits: also known as the gap nozzle, is a slender, flat hard absorber. Especially suitable for cleaning walls, radiant waves, corners and shallow places.

6.sweep dust: made of long and soft bristles, suitable for cleaning curtains, walls, etc.

How to identify different types of vac vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner is a new type, advanced dust removal device, which is generally used in hotels, hospitals, shops, libraries, laboratory, computer rooms, families, etc. With different specifications of suction, you can resolve the use of dust on carpet, clothing, sofa, household appliances and electronic instruments, and the application is very convenient.

There are many types of vac vacuum cleaner commonly:

1 Vertical: Tucker or square, part, lower two parts, upper mounted motor, is a power part, the lower part is a dust box.

2 horizontal: rectangular or vehicle type, there is two parts before and after, the front part is a dust box, and the rear is the motor portion.

3 Portable, it usually has four forms:

   Shoulder: Small size, back on the shoulder, small power output.

   Rod: The shape is like a rod, the upper end is the handle, the lower end is the nozzle, the small power output.

   Portable: Small size, can be directly applied in hand, small power output.

   Miniature: Multi-use battery, large size, mostly used for clean clothing, instrument, etc., micro power

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