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Note Aspects After Top Electric Start Lawn Mower Operation


Because the blade of the electric start lawn mower is left, the effective job direction is cut by left to the right. The most efficient mowing is to cut two-thirds of the diameter of the blade to weeds, and pay attention to the following aspects after operation.


1. Make sure the blade is completely stopped and then cleaning and repairing.

2. Remove the Martian plug wire to avoid accidental walking.

3. Store it after the engine is completely cooled.

4. If you don't have to take the tank to avoid fire due to oil spills.

5, when you don't have to apply butter on the blade, so as to avoid the blade rust.

6. After use, pack the blade, so as not to accidentally hurt others or yourself.

7. After use, the blade is placed in a place where the child reaches it.

8. Store the machine in a cool dry and prohibit child contact.

9, each 25 hour or 3 days and a half gear case to supplement the lubricant, and add lubricants in the inside and outside.

10, clean air filter and spark plug every 50 hours or 8 days.

11, clean the silencers and drums every 100 hours or 15 days.

The above is the introduction to the characteristics of Cleva electric start lawn mower and the method of mowing the top lawn mower, I hope to help everyone. Any questions about electric start lawn mower can consult us, you are welcome to pay attention to us.

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