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Cleva Licensed Brands such as Kenmore®, Kenmore Elite®, and Armor All™, provides high-quality products with exceptional performance and durability. Cleva also incorporates the latest processes and highest standards for engineering, design, and production, Cleva takes pride in producing a premium product at a great value.


It is our mission to offer you bread with love. Bread, in its pure original formula, making it available for everyone's enjoyment. From antiquity,bread has been known as the epitome of life and human society. It's history can be traced back for thousands of years to the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks.

Kenmore® and Kenmore Elite® brands are trademarks of Transform SR Brands Management LLC and used under license 


Armor All branded wet/dry vacuums and buffers are designed with the car enthusiast in mind.

*The Armor All word mark and logo are trademarks of The Armor All/STP Products Company and are used under license.


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