Launch of VACMASTER in INDIA with JTEC


Jagdish Textile & Engg Co., since 1953 in the India Market, is leading supplier of various pump application used in every Industry. While customer asked JTEC to develop best Vacuum Cleaners we found CLEVA. At 1st sight we highly impressed with their innovations and professional products.

Cleva – VACMASTER India in exclusive association with Jagdish Textile & Engineering Co.

On 16th November, 2019 VacMaster was officially launched in India in association with Jagdish Textile & Engineering & Co. in Ahmedabad. It was an event in itself. The event saw a great attendance of Dealers to associate with us. The guests got a detailed vision of the product through the PowerPoint presentation. Mr. Vyas also gave live demonstration of each product to the delegates and let them have first hands experience of the product. The conference was followed by a conversation lunch, which let the delegates ask more questions and become more aware and friendly with the product. The company has received a positive and good feedback about the company and people would like to associate with us for professional benefits.

We show Indian people that product has specially designed for India Market.

Cleva has specially developed High Voltage Range Motor 180~260 V which any company has failed to develop this kind of motor.

Cleva Team has made Indian product as like Heart of Indian.

Support , Vision , Factory , Production Capacity , Financial Stability, Trust Worthy, Product Innovations, Eco Friendly products Cleva has Launch In Indian Market with associates Jagdish Textile & Engg Co.,

Words behalf of Cleva from Mr.Nish & Mr.Dev



Mr.Nish : We Deliver Technology To People Not Only Product.

Mr.Dev: Winning Together, Growing Together