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How To Maintain The Winter Top Rated Lawn Mower Machine?


Most lawn mower machine have problems when they are used in spring, which is because users do not take care of their maintenance in winter. Suppose it is possible to properly maintain the lawn mower in winter, then the useful life of the lawn mower machine can be extended to prevent high repair costs to ensure its smooth work.

The author will introduce several aspects of the winter maintenance lawn mower machine for reference.

1.Regularly replace the easy-to-range components to advance the equipment. 

User need to develop the habits of lawn mower's key components in winter, and replace it according to needs. Pay special attention to engine and blades, damaged blades, can easily cause safety hazards in work. If necessary, the user should consider the fuel filter, spark plug and air filter for replacement devices, and cleaning the air filter.

2.Fully clean the bottom of the lawn mower machine, deck and fuel tank cover.

Before making any maintenance, remove the spark plug wire and open the device, clean the ground and deck of the replacement of impurities with hoses, oil ash knives and sedan cleaning. The fuel tank cover is ventored, and the user needs to be scraped off the upper stacked particles with a brush to block the air pore.

3.Eute oil.

First, the degreaser is sprayed in the outside of the equipment, allowing the degreasing agent and oil to make the degreasing agent and oil, and then rubbed it with a towel, and finally purf it with the water pipe.

 4.Apply a spray lubricant to the part of the lawn mower machine to spray to prevent the rust in equipment parts.

 5.Instructions for the use of mower manufacturers, fuel stabilizers are added to the latest or empty fuel tanks.

6.Read the instrumentation manual carefully, and dispose of the used oil according to the recommended method. Today, most engine repair shops and sedan accessories store have waste oil free recycling programs.

7.The lawn mower machine is stored in a specific place when not working, such as garage or car shed.

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