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How To Maintain The Lawn Grass Mower Machine?


1, The maintenance of oil

Each time you use a lawn mower machine, you have to check the oil surface to see if it is between the tissue of the oil ruler. After 5 hours of use, the new machine should replace the oil. After 10 hours, the oil should be replaced once, and the oil is regularly replaced according to the requirements of the book. The change oil should be carried out in the manner in which the engine is not too much. Otherwise, the lawn mower will have a large smoke, the power is insufficient, the cylinder is too much, the spark plug gap is small, the engine overheat is small. The filling machine oil can not be too small, otherwise the lawn mower will present the engine gear noise, the piston ring accelerates wear and damage, and even the picker and other phenomena, resulting in severe damage to the engine.

2, The air filter maintenance

Check if the air filter is dirty before and after use, wash it diligently. If it will cause the engine to be difficult to start, the smoke is large, and the power is insufficient. If the filter filter is a paper, it can remove the filter. The dust attached thereto; if the filter element is sealing, after the gasoline is cleaned, some lubricants are dried on the filter element, so that the filter element remains humid, more It is conducive to adsorption of dust.

3, The maintenance of the heat sink

The main function of the radiator is noise, heat dissipation, when the lawn machine works, the flying grazium will adhere to the heat sink, affect its heat dissipation function, which will cause pulp phenomenon, damage the engine, therefore After the lawn mower, you must carefully clean the debris on the heat sink.

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