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How To Distinguish Floor Sweeping Robot And Vacuum Cleaner?


Cleaning aspect of sweeping robot and vacuum cleaner

1. On the name of "Sweeping Robot", its purpose is already very clear: Mainly clean the ground, maintain the neat surface, so although there is no vacuum cleaner, such as can't use it to clean the sofa cleaning, but cannot be denied is that its sweeping function is powerful.

2. Due to differences in design concepts, sweeping robots and vacuum cleaners have a large difference in working principle, and the effect is not the same. The sweeping robot is mainly rotated by rolling high speed, and the dust, dust, dust, dust in the dust box, that is,     the sweep robot has two steps in "sweep" and "suck" when cleaning, that is, the two steps of "sweep" and "suck" first, first put the edges of the machine first Dust sweeps to the vicinity of the suction port, and then inhaled itself garbage storage box. It is because the sweeping robot has the process of "sweep", and the vacuum cleaner is not, therefore, more detailed working methods make the scan robot more detailed for the ground.

3, in addition, since the size of the sweeping robot is much smaller than the vacuum cleaner. Therefore, the sweeping robot can go deep into the corners of the room, such as the bottom of the sofa, the bottom of the cabinet, etc., almost no dead angle, or even some product nominal cleaning coverage can reach 99%. Moreover, generally sweeping the robot is only between 20W and 30W, and the suction power of the vacuum cleaner can generally reach 1000W, in the mute, power consumption, the robot is also a more unique advantage over the vacuum cleaner.

Use aspect of sweeping robot and vacuum cleaner

1.We all know that when using a vacuum cleaner, we must use the suction tube to "guidance" vacuum cleaner which place to absorb the dust, which means that no matter which type of vacuum cleaner must be in the next operation to operate properly; The sweeping robot is relatively smart, due to its special structural design, the flat cylindrical body is equipped with a powerful roller and detecting the sensor, it does not require people at any time to operate and maintain at any time during operation, It is only necessary to enter the setting command before working.

2, in addition, more worth mentioning is that we don't have to use the sweeping robot without electricity, charge it. Generally, the robot will be equipped with a similar stent-type charger. As long as we connect the power supply, the sweeping robot automatically finds this charger after the cleaning is complete, and it is easy to charge.

In summary, traditional vacuum cleaner products and sweeping robots can bring a lot of convenience to our lives. Although there must be a certain relationship, and the application range has a certain cross, but they have their own advantages and lacks. When purchasing, everyone must consider their actual needs, use and budget.

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