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How To Choose The Wholesale Commercial Vacuum Cleaner?


Traditional household cleaning tools have been replaced by various intelligent equipment. The popularity of vacuum cleaners has also freed everyone from the heavy daily cleaning. So, how does the vacuum cleaner work? How to choose wholesale vacuum cleaner? In response to these two issues, let's discuss them together.

How does the vacuum cleaner work?

First of all, when the vacuum cleaner is running, it runs at a high speed through the motor inside the vacuum cleaner, which drives the impeller composed of blades around the motor to rotate at a high speed, causing an instantaneous vacuum inside the vacuum cleaner and forming a negative pressure difference with the outside atmospheric pressure. Under the action of this pressure difference, Dust-containing air can be sucked in, thereby sucking in the garbage on the ground, and the filtered clean air is discharged from the air outlet at the rear of the fan and the motor.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner?

After talking about the working principle, let's talk about how to choose a vacuum cleaner. First of all, when you use the vacuum cleaner, you need to hold it in your hand for a long time. Because the placement position and handle position of the host of each machine are different, the weight is also different. Therefore, when purchasing a vacuum cleaner, you need to refer to the weight of the vacuum cleaner.

1. weight 

If the whole machine is of the same weight, it is recommended that the user choose a vacuum cleaner with the main body designed in the lower part of the fuselage, because during the cleaning process, the weight of the whole machine will be stabilized at the lower part of the fuselage. Next, the cleaning effect is better. In addition, the machine with the lower body is relatively labor-saving to use.

2. suction power

In addition to weight, suction is equally important. For the tricky floor gaps and corner dust in life, the cleaning effect of the vacuum cleaner with poor suction is not ideal, and it even needs to be cleaned more. A vacuum cleaner with strong suction power is easier to clean, even carpet cleaning that is usually difficult to clean will become very easy!

3. battery life

In addition to weight and suction, the most common problem that everyone encounters in daily life is the problem of battery life. Often there will be 3 minutes of cleaning and two hours of charging. At present, vacuum cleaner batteries on the market are roughly divided into nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries, and lithium batteries. The service life of different battery types is also different. It is recommended that users choose a vacuum cleaner equipped with a lithium battery, which not only has guaranteed battery life, but also is safer and more secure!

4. Accessories Design

Finally, the point that everyone should refer to when choosing a vacuum cleaner is the accessory design. The use of a variety of accessories can make our work more effective. It is recommended to buy a vacuum cleaner equipped with multiple suction heads. It can easily solve your floor, sofa, desk cabinet, bookcase, curtain, corner, mattress and other life scenes.

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