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How To Choose An Intelligent Sweep Robot Vacuum?


Now more and more people choose to free their hands and put their hands in the arms of smart homes, such as various dishwashers, sweep robot vacuum, and even magical automatic cooking machines, for reasons of caring for their families or themselves. Today Cleva sorted out articles about sweep robot vacuum for you, hoping to help you solve some of the more troublesome problems, such as: how to buy intelligent sweep robot?

1. The cleaning ability of the sweep robot 

  The cleaning ability of the sweep robot vacuum is related to the brush structure of the sweeper and the suction of the motor. The greater the suction, the better the cleaning effect, but also pay attention to the noise level. The performance of the vacuum motor is the most obvious and basic data for a automatic sweeping robot. The vacuum motors used in the market mainly include brushless motors and brushed motors. In addition to the higher speed than the brushed motor, the brushless motor has the advantages of low noise and long life. The best motor currently used in sweep robot vacuum is a brushless motor.

2. The endurance of the sweep robot 

  Endurance is positively related to battery capacity. The larger the battery capacity, the stronger the endurance. A house with a larger area should choose a sweep robot vacuum with stronger endurance. The battery packs currently equipped with sweep robot are basically above 2000mAh, which is enough to clean a room of about 100 square meters. It is more reliable to choose the battery capacity according to the size of the home.

3. Remote control 

  Traditional sweep robot vacuum may only be able to control the sweep robot vacuum at close range through infrared remote control, but now more advanced sweep robots can connect to home wifi, and then users can control the sweep robot vacuum ultra-remotely on the control App.

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