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Different Types Of Best Household Vacuum Cleaner


At present, a common household vacuum cleaner in the market is mainly divided into horizontal vacuum cleaner, push rod / vertical vacuum cleaner, and handheld vacuum cleaner.

The advantage of the horizontal vacuum cleaner is that its power is 1800W. The cleaning effect must not say that the price is also relatively low. But the disadvantage is also obvious, although there is a roller in a bucket body but moves, and add it to power-on Use, increasing cumbersome when replacing the cleaning environment.

The push rod vacuum cleaner is not very different from the vertical vacuum cleaner. It is not affected by environmental limits, and some wired parts are wireless, but the wireless vacuum cleaner is more sought after. In contrast, the putter vacuum cleaner has a certain defect. The suction generated when using it clean the ground, and the body is over, and the weight is borne by the two hands.

The vertical vacuum cleaner can be said to be the upgraded version of the push-type vacuum cleaner. It shifts the gravity of the vacuum cleaner. It is shared by the ground; and the driving force generated by the roll can guide the body movement, and the hands mainly control The role of the direction. In addition, the vertical vacuum cleaner can stand on the plane, no need to rely on the wall, and the interrupt does not increase the pressure of the bending waist.

Whether it is a pushjet or a vertical vacuum cleaner, it can achieve the transformation of the handheld vacuum cleaner by splitting, reorganizing. This type of vacuum cleaner on the market will roughly equipped with a composite brush, electric except mites, the flat tip, two-in-one hairbrush, also allows the vacuum cleaner to be applied to a variety of cleaning environments, which is also another important reason for the household vacuum cleaner in the unbeaten place.

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