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Different Category Of Commercial Lawn Grass Mower


The lawn grass mower is also known as the worculating machine, clipping machine, lawn trimmer, orchard mower rye grass mower, etc. The mower is a mechanical tool for trimming the lawn, vegetation, etc., is composed of a cutter disc, an engine, a walking wheel, a walking mechanism, a blade, an armrest, and a control part. In the travel wheel, the engine is equipped with an engine, and the engine's output shaft is equipped with a blade, and the blade is improved in terms of speed in terms of speed, saving the work time of the herbicient, and reduces a lot of human resources.

According to different divisions, the lawn grass mower can have the following division:

1. Press the progress of the program: intelligent semi-automatic dragging, post-extension, mount, tractor hanging type.

2, Press power: human animal driving, engine drive, power drive, solar drive.

3, According to mode: hob type, knife type, side hanging, knife type.

4, According to requirements: flat style, half waist, truncated.

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