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Differences Between Rotary Lawn Mower Rolling Lawn Mower


The lawn mower is divided into: rotary lawn mower and rolling lawn mower.

1. Rotary lawn mower is suitable for harvesting natural pasture and planting pastures. It can be divided into two types of uploaded dynamic and lower drives by power transmission mode. The characteristics of rotary mowers are mainly The structure is simple, the operation is reliable, the adjustment is convenient, the transmission is stable, does not need to be balanced, and the knife is not blocked, and the operating speed is high, and the maintenance is less. It is the heavy-to-cut area, cut the requirements.

2, The rolling lawn mower is mainly suitable for the ground flat, high quality lawn, such as various sports fields. Roller mowers have hand pushing into self-contained, ride, large tractor traction And hanging types, etc. The cutting pots of the rolling turntorming machine is mainly composed of hobs and bottom knives. The shape of the hob is like a circular transes cage, and the cutting knife is spirally mounted on the cylindrical surface, and the roller rotates the straw, which produces a gradually cut slide relative to the bottom knife to cut the straw stems. The quality of the roll mower mower decises the rotational speed of the blade glue and hob on the hob. The more the number of blades on the hob, the more the number of times the unit length is cut, the worse the grass. The number of blades on the hob is usually from 3-12. The higher the speed of the hob, the finer the grass.

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